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  • A patent pending technology developed by Log 9 Materials, the product uses UV light of specific wavelength in combination with various other design parameters to disinfect surfaces from germs, bacteria and viruses.
  • The product has been designed basis the study done by Nebraska Medical Center.
  • CoronaOven makes UV application precise and effective based on superior and science backed design.
  • CoronaOven is as easy to use as a microwave. Put your products to be disinfected inside the box, turn it on for a few minutes as per the requirement & be safe.

Disinfect Everything, Be Safe!

Personal Protective Equipment

Household Supplies

Delivery Parcels on the go


Our Customers


For queries related to the Coronaoven, call us on +91 9319 363 433 or drop us a line on coronaoven@log9materials.com

Media/ Press Enquires: contact@log9materials.com