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Coronaoven comes from Log9Materials. We are a nanotechnology company that was started by IIT Roorkee alumni and has over 16 global patents.

We innovate in reverse with our clients. Departing from costs, developing a cost-effective methodology to not only manufacture the material but also incorporate it in their current product lines to realize it’s potential.

Our story

Log 9 Materials is a nanotechnology company specializing in Graphene. We are a determined team of scientists and engineers working on commercializing Graphene. The development of new frontiers in Graphene synthesis of various forms, reduction and functionalization and designing innovative applications paved the way of the foundation of our company.

Why Choose Us

We love what we do and strive to bring excellence and innovation to each product or application we work on. The major reason leading to slow commercialization of Graphene and nanotechnology was the cost intensive processes existing to manufacture the material making it commercially unviable. This is where we are different. We work in a reverse way with our clients coming backward from the cost, ending up developing a cost-effective process to not only manufacture the material but also incorporating it in their current product lines to realize it’s value.

Our Team

The CoronaOven is a first-of-its-kind product that was developed in record time, mindful of the urgency which our nation and the world faces. It helps sanitise the surfaces of various products/objects of regular use at home and hospitals and helps prevent surface-to-human transmission of Covid-19.

CoronaOven has been certified by the ICMR empanelled Lab CSIR-CSIO.

Log9 Materials has specifically engineered, CoronaOven’s patent pending proprietary design by taking into consideration, the cell structure and other characteristics of the “Corona Family of Viruses”. The box provides accurate and necessary energy at each point on the surface of an object to be decontaminated.

Steve Daniel
It is a very nice product for disinfecting everyday stuff. Also, it feels a lot safer knowing that my groceries are being sanitised. CoronaOven is quite simple to use as well.

— Steve Daniel


Kavi Ghei
The need of the hour. Makes us feel safer and more secure

— Kavi Ghei

New Delhi

Naweed Qureshi
In these times of uncertainty, does a great job at putting my mind to rest.

— Naweed Qureshi


Snehlata Iyer
CoronaOven is so simple to use. I bought it for my parents and was worried that they may have issues using it. But they had no difficulties and I am relieved that everything from their masks to the vegetables can now be sanitized easily.

— Snehlata Iyer


Joan Listle
CoronaOven uses UV-C light which is safe to use even to disinfect food items & baby products like feeding bottles. The fact that it is made in India makes it even better!

— Joan Listle


Mohit Desai
Knowing that CoronaOven has been developed by IIT Roorkee graduates’, basis research done by reputed institute, convinced me that I am buying the right product. CoronaOven is sturdy and big enough to sanitise multiple products at one time.

— Mohit Desai


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