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CoronaOven: As safe and easy to use as Microwave

A lot of you have been asking us, how safe is UV light on food & humans?

We are privileged to live in times of such highly conscious consumers who positively challenge deep-science startups. At Log 9 Materials we take pride in co-innovating and working closely with our end users. We have developed a knack of working in reverse with our clients. We begin from costing, develop a cost-effective deeptech methodology to not only manufacture suitable materials but also incorporate them in their current product lines to realize it’s potential.

CoronaOven is designed with Safety First features. CoronaOven is made up of UV-C safe materials which not only ensure safe operations of the equipment but also ensures UV-C blockage to ensure that outside personnel do not get affected with the UV-C light. For example, the UVC doesn’t start till the chamber is closed which is made sure using the right switches. Also the internal surface of the chamber is completely reflective and the main body is made-up of UV blocking material to make sure safety for the operator. Read more here on how CoronaOven is safe and how it disinfects items from 360 degrees.

We’ve developed a few infographics and videos on how to safely and confidently sanitise food, electronics, etc. Do let us know on what you think of the CoronaOven or write to us personally on

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