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CoronaOven is now deployed at Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL)

Marking another feat in our fight against the viruses, we are happy to announce that customised versions of CoronaOven have now been deployed at Bangalore International Airport (BIAL)

CoronaOven by Log9 materials is a first-of-its-kind UV sanitisation chamber product which performs 360 degree surface sanitisation in record time, based on certified UV technology.
The objective of this deployment is to ensure the safety and well-being of the passengers and airport personnel in the wake of the continued threat of the COVID-19 health crisis.
The Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru is one of the busiest airports in Karnataka, and has recently heightened precautionary rules to control the transmission of Coronavirus. With the help of CoronaOven and flash sterilisation/disinfection, the conveyor belts, baggage, trolleys, and various other objects of regular use at the airport would be sanitised to avoid surface infection.

CoronaOven has already been deployed at various institutions across India such as Police control room in Karnataka, AIIMS Hospital, Fortis group to name a few. The decision to bring it to airports to ensure safety of the passengers has been a great development and motivator for us to help India sanitise effectively and efficiently.

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