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CoronaOven 2.0 Pro(40 Ltrs)



Reuse your personal protective equipment after disinfection using this CoronaOven UV Chamber. Suitable for disinfecting your groceries, food items, clothes, etc.


UV Disinfection Chamber for disinfecting all kinds of inanimate surfaces. It uses UVC light to disinfect daily use items in households, offices, factories, and hospitals.
It provides 360-degree surface exposure and an automatic switch to immediately cut-off the UV source whenever the door is opened.
It is a patent-protected product with all the safety measures in place for a better, easier, and safer use.

Use Cases
● Shop owners can use it to disinfect their products before selling them.
● Factory owners can use it to keep the workers and workplace safe by disinfecting the tools and other equipment.
● Hospitals can sterilize their medical equipment and ensure the safety of their medical staff and patients. It can be used to decontaminate PPE such as masks, gloves, eye goggles, etc.
● Suitable for disinfecting groceries, toys, clothes, etc.  

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