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UV Tower


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UV Disinfection Tower by CoronaOven for fast and chemical-free decontamination of homes, office rooms, etc.


UV disinfection tower uses UVC light for sanitizing your homes and offices. UV tower provides a faster, non-chemical based sanitization to keep your surroundings clean and pathogen-free. 

Features and Usage
● UV disinfection tower comes with a timer and remote access to adjust the timing for disinfection depending upon the area.
● There will be a 15 seconds delay and a buzzer to ensure the safety of the operator.
● It also comes with a PIR sensor to automatically turn off the UV Tower if a person accidentally enters the room and starts again if there is no motion for 30 seconds.
● After the adjusted time is over, it automatically turns off.

Product Specification:

  • Timer: 0-60 min settings
  • No. of UV-C tubes: 8X30W
  • Voltage: AC 220V/110V
  • Power Consumption 240W
  • UV-C Radiation: 96W
  • Area Coverage: 35FV*35FT (1200sq.ft)
  • PIR sensor for safety to cut connection if a human is present in the way of UV radiation.
  • Digital timer with OLED screen
  • Wheels For easy portability
  • Wireless Remote access up to 8-10M

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