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Sorbene UV Air-Purifier- Much needed addition to Gymnasiums

The whole purpose of exercising in gyms and health centres is to get healthier. But, in today’s day and situation, when most gyms contain high levels of dust, fear of aerosol transmission of Covid19 due to close proximity amongst individuals, formaldehyde and carbon dioxide, how healthy is the air you’re breathing when working out?

It is imperative to use efficient and powerful air filtration and purification in such an environment. This is why we recommend Sorbene UV Air Purifier Virus which is 3X more powerful than any other air purifier with it’s proprietary Graphene and UV air filtration technology.
Sorbene UV Air Purifier has an all in one technology which ensures that with its HEPA filter, graphene antimicrobial filter, 360 degree air flow, UVC wavelength, safety design features and more, the air is bacteria and virus free. This UV Air filter is an ideal addition to Gyms, hospitals, office spaces, public places, but also in homes with elderly people and young children, ensuring that nothing compromises the air they breathe in.

While the UV-C chamber present in our product purifies the air from microbial and viral loads and destroys pathogens which pass through the chambers, the graphene filter removes any odours, airborne particles and smog. HEPA filter removes 99.9% of airborne contaminants which are of the size 0.01 microns. It is the most efficient for people suffering from allergies and asthma.

One Sorbene air purifier can do 12 air changes in 250 sq.ft which is 3 times more output and powerful than any other competitor air purifier. In 25 minutes the purifier can significantly reduce the viral load in the ambient air of 250 Sq.Ft and it can purify 500 Sq.Ft in just 50 Minutes. 

The process of purification is quite dynamic. First, the AIR is absorbed from the bottom of the AIR purifier, then it is passed through the UV column for UV disinfection. The air then passes through a graphene based filter for added purification, after which Pure air is released back in the atmosphere from the top of the UV air purifier.

Sorbene UV Air Purifier has already been widely accepted and currently being used in Gym chains such as Fitness 24 and Figurine Fitness. 

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