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Can CoronaOven be used for decontaminating PPE such as N95 Mask, eye Goggles, face shields?

Yes, CoronaOven can be used for masks, eye shields and other PPE that can be put inside the CoronaOven.

Published data on 15 different N95 masks treated with UV-C confirmed that UV-C light could effectively decontaminate virus infection on N95 masks.

A team of scientists from the US evaluated impact of UV-C On decontaminating 15 different models of N95 models contaminated with H1N1 influenza. Their results [8] showed significant reductions (≥3 log) in influenza viability from the tested N95 masks after treatment with UV-C light clearly establishing the groundwork that N95 masks can be disinfected with UV-C light irradiation. Their data suggested clearly that N95 Mask decontamination and reuse using UV-C can be an effective method.

Is UV light safe for N95 masks

A general N95 respiratory mask comprises of four layers of material:

Layer 1:  Outer layer of spun-bond polypropylene

Layer 2: Cellulose/polyester

Layer 3: Melt-blown polypropylene filter material

A team of scientist from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC (USA) published a detailed scientific paper in 2015 in the journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene [9] where they evaluated effects of UV radiation on four models of N95 mask. The team exposed both sides of material coupons and respirator straps from the four N95 masks to UV-C doses from 120–950 J/cm2. The CDC team tested the particle penetration, flow resistance, and bursting strengths of the individual respirator coupon layers, and the breaking strength of the respirator straps to UV-C doses of 120–950 J/cm2.  

Layer 4: Spun-bound polypropylene.

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